10 Apr

Cowhide Rugs Are the Perfect Rug

In the process of the perfect rugs for designing a living space that is unique and charming, cow rugs are an excellent choice to consider. Cow rugs have become quite popular recently with contemporary designers. They are useful and beautiful besides having a long track record for wear and tear. People around the world are beginning to discover the cowhide rugs for their own homes. There are several endearing aspects of these types of rugs. They can be used in a nostalgic style home as well as a modern one. Cowhide rugs will fit in anywhere, and in any room in the house. The rugs do not have any restrictions or limits on their uses. Cowhide rugs have a natural look and have a captivating appeal to all kinds of people. No matter what an individual’s taste in design may be, there is always room for this rug. The skin of a cow reminds everyone on how gentle they are, and how mesmerizing their skin patterns can be. They possess an array of colors such as gray, brown, black, white, off-white, reddish-brown, beige and tan. With a color palette like that, there should be no problem finding a cowhide rug that will belong anywhere in the home. Not only are there many colors to choose from, there are also many beautiful patterns to pick from on the cowhide rugs. The rug can be used in a space that will accent the furniture or a fine piece of art that may be in that space. The rug can also be the first thing that is seen when entering the room; its attractiveness will capture the attention of everyone. Friends and business partners will comment and appreciate the tastefulness of the cowhide rugs. The cowhide rugs can be used in any part of the world no matter what the local climate may be. It can be used in a sunny, warm space as well as creating a warm look in a cold climate. The cowhide rug can tolerate a dry atmosphere as well as high humidity. Cowhide rugs will retain their beauty no matter what. If someone in the home has a allergy problem, cowhide rugs are a wonderful choice. They are hypoallergenic. Even visitors need not worry about having an allergy attack in a room with such a rug. This is because the cowhide rug contains no irritating odours. The room does not need to be aired out since cowhide does not shed and give off a smell. Even the maintenance of this rug is simple. To keep the cowhide rug looking great and fresh, it just needs to be taken outside just one time a week. It can be easily shaken to remove any debris that may be attached. This rug can also be vacuumed now and then just like any other rug. It can also be cleaned just once a month without having to be careful as if it were a silk rug. Cowskin is tough and it is very hard to damage it while cleaning. It is even possible to spot clean the rug if a stain should occur. Cowhide rugs are basically stain resistant, however, an accident still may occur. Just by dampening the area and using a mild soap and then wipe will complete the job. The best places to use cowhide rugs are on stone and wood flooring. They can also be used on a carpet, however, the rug may slide just a bit. This is simply because the pile of a cowhide rug moves in one direction. It is also best not to use it on tile because that may make it too slippery. Click here for more details.