11 Feb

Used food processing freezers

Food processing freezers expel heat from food items and store these items in incredibly low temperatures to forestall food decay. These frameworks help in food storage as well as in food transportation. Freezers utilize diverse cooling techniques and systems for various applications including belt, immersion, spiral, IQF, and plate freezing to cool items, limit protection from heat transfer at the surface of food products or items, freezing level, and holding colors, flavor, and nutrients. These freezers are utilized in numerous kinds of food processing industries for meats, poultry, seafood, natural products, vegetables, raw materials and much more. If you are looking for a used version of the food processing freezer from various manufacturers and different model specifications and specialties, then you are at the right place. At industrialfreezing.com, you can find enormous brands list, and specialty channels where you can have access to premium quality used freezers with serviceability, top-notch performance, and deliverance as well as installation at customers’ place and after installation servicing and maintenance. This way you can have all the problems and concerns solved without even paying a visit. Just make us a call or book an appointment from any of our online channels. At industrialfreezing.com, with over 40 years’ experience in this particular niche and 100% customer satisfaction rate, we offer the best quality and best service with our trained staff and maintenance mechanism. You need not worry about installation and after-sale servicing. We have covered you in every difficulty and problem in lieu of installation and working. You can have access to various technologies like spiral freezing, tunnel/flow freezing, plate freezing, cooling systems, condensers, evaporators and compressors with top-notch quality products and famous brands serving the industry with reliable products range and experience in hand. There are several types of industrial freezers, including air-blast tunnel freezers, belt freezers, fluidized-bed freezers, plate freezers, and cryogenic freezers, used for different needs and different food items. For example, in air-blast tunnel freezers and belt freezers, precooled air at -40° C is blown and thrown over the food products and ensure their preservation by lowering their temperature from surrounding. Packaged and processed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, bakery goods, poultry, meats, and prepared meals, are normally frozen in these specific types of freezers. You can buy them used from industrialfreezing.com with the guarantee of productivity and best working scenario as well as already inspected through our inspection mechanism and trained staff. In another type, called fluidized-bed freezers, which are used to freeze food items like peas, corn, diced carrots, and strawberries. In this specific type of freezers, food is placed on a conveyor belt and moved through the freezing zone in which cold air is directed upward through the conveyor belt and food particles begin to tumble and float. This way they get freeze with lesser time consumption and relatively high source consumption. This specific type is also available in pre-owned form on industrialfreezing.com where you can buy with all specialties and serviceability as well as a performance guarantee. Just scroll through options and choose your desired product. You will be covered with full-fledged services and satisfaction.