06 Aug

Tips For Moving Home In Winter

The cold temperatures during the winter combined with the season’s freezing rain and influx of snow make the season a great time for staying cuddled under the blankets. This means that planning your move during this season is the last thing that anyone would hope for. During winter season, the weather is often unpredictable and can badly interfere with your already organised moving plans. While in some cases you may not have much choice but to move at this time, it is weird to say that it is often the best time for a family to move due to the low demand of moving services. Since many people choose to relocate when it’s much warmer, you are able to enjoy a more flexible schedule, more personalised attention, and the lowest rates. All it takes is proper planning and a few extra tips to enjoy a smooth transition in spite of the normally harsh winter days. Whether you want to take advantage of the low moving costs or have no other option but to move, here are some of the tips to help you plan for your home moving.

Be Prepared to be flexible
During winter, the weather is usually very unpredictable. One day the sky may seem very clear and the other you experience a very heavy downpour or snow. In addition, you may be forced to deal with heavy winds or other wild weather patterns. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a close eye on potential weather conditions during the last few weeks leading up to your move. You also need to be very flexible when it comes to changing your plans. If you notice particularly bad weather coming and it is dangerous to continue, don’t hesitate to contact your movers to reschedule.

Dress warm and have extra clothes in the car
It is very important to ensure that all your family members are dressed in very warm clothing during the move. Whether they will be assisting with the move or from the quite warmer inside or colder outside, they all need to be wearing several layers of clothing. This will not only make sure everything runs smoothly, but also ensure that you don’t lose the extra help. However, since you will have much to do on that day, restrain from wearing very big and bulky coat. You may also consider packing a bag of extra warm clothes to change to once you arrive at your new home to prevent you from the daunting task of searching through endless wardrobe boxes for warm clothes.

Clean the driveway and walkways from snow and ice
Weather conditions during the winter make moving a little more difficult and dangerous than during the summer months. The presence of hail, snow, ice, or slush can delay the process of picking up, loading, and even delivery. To be on the safe side, ensure that you shovel all the driveways and walkways before your moving crew arrives. In addition, cover all the walkways using salt to be sure that nobody will slip and fall on the ground when in the process of carrying your belongings. Don’t forget to keep the shovels and some salt in your car since you may have to use them at your new home as well.

Protect Your Belongings from the Weather
Breakable household items like glasses and dish ware are very susceptible to temperature changes and can easily break or crack when the temperature shifts extremely quickly. To protect everything, double wrap all items including the glasses and dishware in your thickest blankets to ease the transition from the quite warm temperatures of your home to the ice cold temperatures of the container. Another important tip is to load these items last into the container and unload them first in order to minimise their exposure to the cold temperatures.

Prepare something warm for the movers to drink 
It is a nice gesture preparing something warm for the movers to drink during the loading process. Since the crew would be probably two or three members, it would not cost you a lot of money. As a result, the crew will be very happy and contented to provide you with even better services.

While moving at any time of year is still stressful, it proves even tougher when done during the winter period. From the freezing temperatures to the icy snow on the roads, it is arguably the most challenging period of the year to move your home. By following these tips, you will take out the pressure that comes with moving in the winter and relocate to your new home as smooth and stress-free as possible.