07 Aug

I Did Not Want Birds Around My Business

I have a small shop that is nestled in a nice little spot in town. There are other businesses around, but they are at least a half block away on each side. I also live here in town, and I knew it was the perfect location as soon as I saw it. It would allow me to have outdoor seating in both directions. I knew even before I opened up that I needed to find out what I could about bird control because I knew I would have no customers if there were bird droppings all over the place.

I love the sounds of birds, and I think many of them are very pleasant to look at. However, I also know that bird droppings are a huge deterrent to a lot of people, me included. It looks nasty, and no one wants to sit on a bench or at a table that has bird droppings all around it. I wanted to make sure I could effectively handle this problem before I staked a claim on the location. I read a good bit about bird control, so much that I knew I was out of my league for handling it myself.

Thankfully, I did not have to worry about tackling this on my own. During my research, I came across a suggestion that there are professional companies that handle this type of issue on a regular basis. When I did a search to see if there was such a company close to me, I was happy to see that there was. They came out to do a free estimate, and I was pleased with the information they gave me. I ended up going with metal spikes because they are hard to see. They also prevent the birds from perching and roosting on my roof top. Of course, there are still birds around, but not enough to make them a hindrance to my business.